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Universal Orlando Has Guests Covered when they need a break from a Mask.

U-Rest Areas Update

U-Rest Areas are sections in the parks designated for guests to take a fresh breath without their marks. These sections will require social distancing and will have umbrella's to assist guests while they "take a breather".​

Here's a list of U-Rest Areas that are open from 9-6pm EST.

  • Universal Studios Florida

    • Fear Factor LIVE

    • Central Park​

      • Open 9-6pm EST

  • Islands of Adventure

  • Port of Entry Landing

    • Sinbad

    • Between Cat In the Hat and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (New as of 6/28)

      • Open 10-6pm EST

  • CityWalk

    • Hard Rock Cafe Landing

      • Open 11am-11pm EST

Guests are required to practice social distancing, and the areas can reach capacity.

Need help navigating your reservation or looking to book, feel free to contact me directly at Have questions and need help with any information provided, please feel free to reach out!

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