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Understanding Genie & Genie+ at Walt Disney World Resort

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

★ Disney Genie is an FREE service to help you make the most of your day.

★ Disney Genie allows you to enter in your interests for attractions, shows and dining on the "Tip Board" tab in Disney Genie.

★ Disney Genie then personalizes an itinerary created by your interests to map out your day. You can check these recommendations in your app under the "My Day" section.

★ Disney Genie will continue to modify your schedule throughout the day with forecasted wait times (giving your recommendations for when to go to an attraction based on shorter wait times). Disney Genie will also allow you to mobile order for quick service locations, make table reservations based on availability during your day. You will also be able to check into a restaurant through the app.

★ Disney Genie will also allow you to join a virtual queue for select attractions such as "Remy's Adventure" Additional virtual queues may become available and you should check daily in your app. (at this time there are no virtual queues at Walt Disney World Resort)

★ Disney Genie will also have a live chat section to virtually chat with a Cas Member who can help answer any questions you might have.

Genie+ & "Lightning Lanes" - have two options to utilize during your visit to one of the 4 theme parks.

★ Disney Genie+ can be added to previously purchased tickets and packages for the entire length of your vacation or it can be added to stand alone tickets daily at 12am.

★ Disney Genie+ is $15 p/d, p/person and allows you to choose as many attractions during the day as you can fit in. You will schedule one at a time during your day to bypass the standby lanes. Once one pass is used another can be scheduled. Check app continuously for availability.

★ Disney Genie+ can be used for multiple theme parks if you have a Park Hopper Ticket.

★ Disney Genie+ can only be used once per ride.

★ Disney Genie+ selections can be booked beginning at 7am on the day of your visit and is available for over 40 attractions across 4 theme parks. Check the Walt Disney World webpage for the latest list. Changes have been modified seasonally for crowd control.

★ Disney Genie+ comes with Disney PhotoPass Lenses and works with any mobile devise. This service gives you special reality effects and added magic to your own camera when taking photos around the parks.

★ Disney Genie+ also will audio tales to help discover some new fascinating fun facts and behind the scenes information around the 4 theme parks. Great to keep everyone busy and learn a little Disney History.

★ Individual Attraction Selection - Another way to utilize Lightning Lanes is to purchase individual attractions to select attractions at each theme park. Prices range from $7-$15 p/p, p/day and will vary based on day. (see photo below for Individual Attraction List). Check the Walt Disney World webpage for the latest list. Changes have been modified seasonally for crowd control.

★ Individual Attraction Selection can be made at 7am for all Walt Disney World Resorts including Shades of Green & Swan & Dolphin resorts. All Walt Disney World Guests will be able to start making reservations when the park opens to the public.

★ Individual Attraction Selection - You will pick a designated time to return to the Lighting Lane to ride the attraction. The selection can not be modified or refunded. If you miss your time of arrival refunds will not be granted.

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