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Maximize your Travel Budget

Don't make planning for a vacation stressful because of money. Make the most of your money with simple tips and tricks:

* Hit the road and drive. Who doesn't love a road trip?

* Fly midweek. If driving isn't for you try to book your flights from Tuesday - Thursday when airfare is typically lower.

* Use those credit card rewards. Look at your cards and see if they offer air miles or do you get cash back? Its a great way to save for those vacations not even knowing you were saving.

* Follow us to stay up to date on offers and discounts. Identifying when to travel for better deals is a big saving tip.

* Opt for all inclusive. Many don't realize it does help the budget paying for all inclusive. The vacation is paid for prior to getting there. No surprises when you get home on how much you've spent. Even a Disney Vacation can be an all inclusive!

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