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Take advantage Free Travelers Insurance of Beaches and Sandals Resorts

Now while you and your love ones are on vacation can experience paradise knowing all reservations made now through January 31, 2021 for travel till August 31, 2021 will automatically receive insurance coverage for all medical expenses during your resort stay.

  • Medical Expenses in the Caribbean Islands - Expenses incurred as part of a treatment for illness, condition and/or accident. Covid-19 is treated the same as any other sickness.

  • Medical Expenses - Primary coverage for cost incurred as part of the treatment for a sickness or injury incurred during the trip.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions - This plan does not exclude pre-existing conditions.

  • Ground Ambulance - Necessary transportation furnished by a professional ambulance company to and/or from a hospital.

  • Maximum Benefit - US $100,000 per person

  • Travel Delay - In the event you are delayed due to quarantine, this reimburses additional accommodations, meal and local transportation expenses incurred by you.

  • Medical Evacuation - Cost of transport paid to closes hospital capable of providing treatment for sickness/injury that is acute or life-threatening. Once treatment is received, transportation is provided to return home. Evacuation must be approved by the Program Medical Advisor

Plus - Book with Confidence

Looking to get a FREE no obligation quote or have questions? Feel free to contact me directly at Having a travel agent to call on to help navigate your travels means less stress for you in planning.

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