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How Disney Technology Makes Physical Distancing Magical

As guests return to Walt Disney World Resort hotels, there are many convenient technologies helping deliver magical experiences that enhance the health and safety of visitors, facilitating limited-contact check-in, virtual chat, keyless room entry, and virtual fireworks on demand. 

The benefits from Disney technology begin before check-in with the My Disney Experience app which allows guests to bypass a visit to the front desk. After checking in online, guests will receive a notification and can then use a MagicBand or My Disney Experience digital key for limited-contact entry. Disney's digital key continues the touchless experience by enabling keyless room entry. The service turns a Bluetooth-enabled phone into a digital key that unlocks a room door, hotel entrance gate and other common area doors requiring a key. 

Disney technology also allows guests to virtual chat with a resort cast member at your convenience.  This feature, which is also found in the My Disney Experience app, offers support nearly anytime, so there’s no need to visit the lobby or stand in line.

Finally, guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels need not crowd together to see fireworks with virtual fireworks at their fingertips. Disney has pre-recorded its nighttime show “Happily Ever After,” which is currently streaming on demand in all resort rooms. For more information, visit

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