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Disney's Direct-To-Room Service

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Simplify your arrival by starting the check-in process online before your trip.

Direct-to-Room service helps Disney Resort hotel Guests simplify their arrival while still enjoying a magical Disney welcome. To aid in distancing efforts and avoid delays, we strongly recommend that you use Online Check-In service to go directly to your room. Read more about what to know before you go. Use the My Disney Experience app to see real-time room ready updates. If you did not receive a MagicBand before arrival, please use the Unlock Door feature on the app. How does Direct-to-Room Service work? Follow these simple steps to enjoy Direct-to-Room service at your Disney Resort hotel:

  1. Link your Disney Resort hotel reservation to your Disney Account

  2. Use the Online Check-In service prior to arrival

  3. On your arrival day, use the My Disney Experience app to get real-time Resort reservation updates, including a notification when your room is ready

  4. When you receive notice that your room is ready, simply use the My Disney Experience app to find your room and unlock your door with either your MagicBand or the Unlock Door feature on the app

Many are uncertain about traveling and need help revising their reservation or looking to book, feel free to contact me directly at Have questions and need help with any information provided, please feel free to reach out!

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