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BIG Changes Are Coming to the Disney Gift Card Website in Early 2021

Disney Gift Cards is a great holiday gift. It's one of those presents that can be used for all kinds of food, merchandise and can also be used to pay for vacations.

If you have any Disney Gift Cards you want to make sure you read about are some important changes coming soon that you need to know about.

On January 20th, 2021, the Disney Gift Card website ( will be upgraded. Once the updates is live, you’ll be able to use your existing Disney account to log in, using the same information you use to log in to multiple Disney websites including shopDisney, My Disney Experience, and more.

Because of this upgrade, however, all existing account details (logins and gift cards added) will no longer be available after January 19, 2021. Any Disney Gift Cards you have saved to the existing website will NOT transfer over to the new one. Instead, all current account information will be deleted and won’t be available. You’ll need access to your Disney Gift Cards, including the full 16-digit account number and EAN to add your cards to the updated website once the change occurs.

While your gift card balance won’t change, any of the information about your gift cards that you had stored on the website will be deleted. The Disney Gift Card website specifically notes that your account is not a mobile wallet and shouldn’t be considered or treated as one. You should ALWAYS keep your physical and digital Disney Gift Cards with you, as they are required to make a purchase.

Here’s what you should do to make sure you’re prepared for this change:

  • Collect all of your Disney Gift Cards (both physical and digital), and make sure you have access to their FULL 16-digit account numbers and EANs so you can upload them to the new website;

  • If you no longer have the card that you saved to the Disney Gift Card website, you’ll need to transfer the balance(s) to a Gift Card that you do have available. If you don’t have another card to transfer your balance to, you can contact Disney Gift Card Services and provide the original gift card proof of purchase;

  • Once the new website launches on January 20th, log in to the updated site using your existing Disney account (the one that you use on shopDisney, My Disney Experience, etc.) or create a new account if needed; and

  • Visit the My Cards section of the updated website to add or combine cards in your account.

It’s definitely important to get all of your Disney Gift Card information now in advance of the website update.

Need help navigating your reservation or looking to book, feel free to contact me directly at Have questions and need help with any information provided, please feel free to reach out.

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