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American Airlines Expands COVID-19 Testing Program

As of Dec. 9, 2020, American Airlines will provide access to at-home tests through LetsGetChecked for passengers traveling to the following U.S. cities, states or territories with COVID-19 restrictions starting Dec. 12:

  • Alaska

  • Connecticut

  • District of Columbia

  • Chicago

  • Hawaii

  • Maine

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • New Hampshire

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • Puerto Rico

  • Rhode Island

  • Vermont

Alison Taylor, Chief Customer Service Officer for American Airlines said, “We’ve made great strides to help open international travel with our testing partners, and we recognize the need for similar domestic travel solutions. As travel requirements continue to quickly evolve, we’re simplifying the research and COVID-19 testing fulfillment process for an overall more seamless travel experience.” Here is how it works.

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